The Bladeless Method

The Bladeless Method

Arm yourself with the facts. Decide what is best for you and what makes you feel confident in your decision to proceed with laser vision correction.

Technology, surgeon technique and experience matter. Do your research and ensure you are poised with all the information you need so that you do not compromise your outcome. You only have one set of eyes and you need to fully trust in the technology and techniques embraced by the clinic you choose.

Femtosecond (bladeless) technology delivers far greater precision, predictability and accuracy when creating your LASIK flap. The precise size, shape and depth are critical to a successful surgical outcome.

Femtosecond lasers may decrease the risk of corneal abrasions and induced astigmatism. This technology enables the flap to fit more securely in place reducing healing time and decreasing the risk of flap dislocation.

Leading surgeons worldwide prefer bladeless technology to avoid unnecessary risks when creating a LASIK flap. Bladeless technology allows your surgeon to tailor the corneal flap for each individual patient and eye.

Your most precious gift, your eyes deserve the best! You decide what is right for you!

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