Our Technology

The Burlington LASIK Centre is world renowned for its work and contribution in vision correction procedures. The Institute is committed to providing the most advanced technology in LASIK surgery to produce superior results for our patients.

VISX Star S4 IR Excimer

The VISX STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser system represents the most advanced laser technology platform available today. Integrating data collected by the WaveScan WaveFront System, the STAR S4 IR utilizes VISX Iris Registration and other exclusive VISX technologies to deliver advanced precision and enhanced safety. ...Read More


Our Advanced CustomVue™ process uses the digital information from a 3- D map generated by the Wavefront Wavescan system, (aberrometer), to design a custom laser treatment for each of your eyes. These digital treatment instructions are then transferred to the VISX Star S4 IR Excimer Laser, driving a new level of precision and accuracy. ...Read More


The IntraLase Method is a 100% blade-free technique used to perform the critical first step in the LASIK procedure: creating the corneal flap. The creation of the corneal flap prepares the eye for the second step of the LASIK procedure, where the VISX Star S4 IR Excimer Laser laser is used on the inner cornea to correct vision. ...Read More

Dr. Jeff Machat

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